just to say thank you

Kentucky is still.

I’ve enjoyed Kentucky more than I expected.  I knew that I would enjoy seeing my family, but I didn’t think I would like Kentucky.  Now, do keep in mind that I haven’t done a ton of sightseeing–aside from Target, Walmart, Chick-fil-a, and the labor and delivery ward of the University of Louisville Hospital.

But I’ve enjoyed Kentucky because it is still.

My sister lives outside of Louisville in a sweet little town.  Her backyard is green before it turns into fields of brown…something.  I don’t really know what it is.  Not corn?  Maybe hay?  (I’ve never really been a country girl.)  And the sky here is huge.  Huge.  And so blue.

I’ve associated a few other places with this type of calm and tranquility before.  Sun Valley.  Kapaa.  Kailua.  I thought I loved Sun Valley because of the mountains and the valleys and the lack of cell service and the quiet, and that’s true.  I loved Kapaa for the same reasons.  I had cell service in Kailua, but it was a weekend spent there where I avoided the usual social commitments, slept in and woke up to sunshine, and didn’t worry about much else going on.  Here in Kentucky I have the sleep and the quiet and the rest.  There is simply no pressure.  I feel like the sky is big enough for me to breathe and the people are so sweet that I get a little bit sweeter too.

There are special people associated with each of those places I mentioned, and Kentucky is certainly no exception (quite the opposite in fact–my trip here was primarily due to the birth of a new nephew), but I come to love the places associated with these memories too.  Special people, special places.


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