Bodies and babies and happiness and maybes.



Did you know that our bodies are so cool?  Did you know that our bodies are, in many ways, self-healing?  Did you know that our bodies can create other human bodies?  That our bodies grow and change throughout our lives?  That our bodies respond, almost instinctively, to danger in order to protect us?  Did you know that we can often know what we’re deficient in, nutrient-wise, by what we crave?  How cool is that?

You know what’s even cooler? Our bodies are homes for our spirits.  Our bodies are created in the image of God.  Our bodies make learning, growth, testing, and progress possible that simply wouldn’t be an option without them.

Our bodies are sacred.

I love body because with it I can walk my dog.  I can hold my friends’ and my siblings’ babies.  I can run when I want to.  I can bake bread.  I can bend and crouch and squat and kneel by the side of the first graders I work with.  I can gesticulate wildly while teaching my Sunday school class (they love it, trust me).  I can write and I can type.  I can speak.  I can listen.  I can see and I can read–what a marvelous thing it is to be able to look at it something, and make meaning of it!  My body is SO COOL.

My body isn’t perfect.  I’m a sleepy little human, and my body needs lots of rest to be able to function properly.  But hey, who doesn’t like sleep? 😉

There is not a single thing I want to do that I can’t do with this body.  And if there were something I wanted to do that I couldn’t, I could train my body to be able to do it!  Like, one time I went from never having run more than a mile and a half to running a HALF-MARATHON.  In FOUR MONTHS.  Bodies are SO COOL.

The end.